We Are

We are Bosque das Mangueiras, forest of mango-trees. We stand for sustainable, ethical and high-quality garments, designed by women for women, to be passed on from mother to daughter, from sister to friend. Our garments are timeless and wish to adorn strong women who are the catalysts for self-expression and social good.

We make our collections in Italy

We rhyme with fair-trade and slow fashion. Every collection is designed and curated by a talented artist from around the world and then entirely created in Italy by seamstresses with traditional know-how and craftsmanship.
These women are Bosque das Mangueiras.

We care about the environment

We believe that respect for oneself springs respect for others and for the environment. So we create pieces that go beyond fashion and trends and we make them strong to stand the test of time.
Each item is designed to be worn in any season and is set to become the favorite piece in your closet, for generations to come.

Why Linen

We choose linen because it is the ultimate natural and eco-friendly material. It grows without irrigation or fertilizers and all it requires is a favorable climate that is temperate and rainy. Its manufacturing is respectful of the environment since it does not require the use of much water or softeners, thus preserving our natural ressources. The maceration takes place in the sun and does not consume energy and the hackling is done through a mechanical process. Moreover, linen fiber does not come from an exotic plant. It is 100% produced in Europe and is mostly grown in the North-Western European countries, where our craftswomen have magic in their fingertips. The linen fiber is spun and weaved intricately to create a soft and resilient garment, endowed with character and form.

“The idea of Bosque das Mangueiras was born to bow to the eternal adorning of the woman while gently placing our attention onto her true essence. This had to be done with care for Mother Nature and with a sisterhood of women who shape a bold world of beauty.”

Liu Cartocci
Designer at the root of the brand

  Product manager  Beatrice Bresadola

  Marketing manager  Ilaria Storato

  Video  Ananya Tanttu

  Music  Carlo Gizzi

  Photographer  Ilaria Turba

  Poetry  Divya Zeiss

  Texts  Joana Cartocci

  Graphics  AtelierBahia

Website  Alessio Deligia

  Models  Nalini Gadkari, Divya Zeiss