Our Mission

Bosque das Mangueiras is all about sustainability and empowerment.

Sustainability of the production line, starting from the choice of the fabric (see why we love linen), to the hand painted prints and up to the small women-led workshops in Emilia Romagna, where each garment is sewn with love and attention. The whole production line is entirely Made in Italy.

Empowerment of the women that wear our designs, as well as of all the people who take part in the production line.

At Bosque we celebrate femininity and confidence. We believe in doing so through timeless designs, sartorial craftsmanship and durable materials.
We want to create clothes that give you joy and make you feel comfortable and beautiful in your own skin.

We believe in the importance of a collective shift in the way we produce and consume; to buy less, and better things, that we can love, care for, and later pass on, to the next generation.