Our Story

"Bosque das Mangueiras"

is Portuguese for Mango Grove and recalls the large trees, rich in fruit and wildlife, surrounding Liu’s maternal home in Salvador de Bahia, where she took her first steps and fell in love with the natural world. The Mango Grove represents a place of memories and beauty, suspended in time.

Through her collections and designs, Liu Cartocci pays homage to the rich cultural heritage and craftsmanship of Brazil, India and Italy, the countries in which she grew up and that shaped her vision and creativity.


Liu is a designer and artist based in Cabella, Italy. She chose to leave behind the busy streets of Milan to set up her studio in the heart of the Appennini mountains, where she lives with her husband, children and their two dogs. Here, in 2018, she founded Bosque, an ethical brand that encloses her passion for color, joyful prints and her deep rooted love for Mother Nature. She is the pulsating heart and hand behind Bosque’s hand painted prints and designs.